Idaho man reels in state record 42.5-inch catfish

Wildlife officials in Idaho said an angler broke a state record when he reeled in a massive catfish measuring 42.5 inches long.

The Idaho Department of Fish & Game said Paul Newman was fishing with Hammett Valley Fishing Adventures on the Snake River’s CJ Strike Reservoir when he hooked the group’s only fish of the day: a gigantic catfish.

The catfish measured 42.5 inches long, breaking the state record for catfish by 9 1/2 inches. The fish measured 32 inches in girth and weighed in at 37 pounds.

“If you are going to set records, this is the state to set the record out in god’s country,” Newman told KIVI-TV. “It was such an awesome catch, we had good adrenaline on the boat, everybody was hyped, they could tell it was a record breaking catfish.”

The fish was released back into the water after being measured and weighed.