Man wins $100,000 lottery prize while celebrating his wedding anniversary

A North Carolina man celebrating his wedding anniversary with a trip to the beach with his family and friends won a $100,000 prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Kenneth Smith, 33, of Greensboro, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he and his group of family and friends were visiting the beach to celebrate his second wedding anniversary when they made a stop at Calabash Food and Fuel in Calabash, where a friend recommended he buy lottery tickets.

“We wouldn’t have known about it if it hadn’t been for him,” Smith said of the lucky store.

Smith selected a $100 Million Mega Cash scratch-off ticket and revealed a $100,000 prize.

He said his friend was ecstatic to learn his store recommendation had brought him a jackpot.

“He was so excited that the store he picked out for us produced a winner for our group,” Smith said.

Smith said he celebrated his win by taking the group out for breakfast.

“I’ve always fantasized about winning a big prize in the lottery,” he said.

The winner said his plans for the money include making home improvements and building a yard fence for his 9-week-old dachshund, Stella.